Water Wizard Solution

    You Probably Need a System Comprised of at Least the Following Components:

  • Water Softening to remove minerals that cause unsightly build up, damage water using appliances and may cause dry, itchy and irritable skin.
  • Sediment Filter or Pre-Filter to strain visible particulate out of your water and keep your advanced filtration equipment running smoothly.
  • Carbon or Activated Carbon Filtration to remove unpleasant odors and/or prevent mineral buildup
  • Chemical-Free Ozone Water Sanitation System to kill bacteria and other organisms that may be present in your water.
  • Chlorine Injection and filtration system to kill dangerous bacteria and other organisms that may be in your water.
  • Air Stripping System to remove unwanted or potentially harmful gasses.
  • (Possibly) A Whole House Reverse Osmosis System may be very important to your health. Based on variables reported in this survey we would strongly recommend having your water tested for silica and other contaminants that may be impossible to remove without Reverse Osmosis, or which might me especially dangerous to your health when present in steam.

While our online assessment system is a leading edge tool in our industry, it isn’t able to calculate every variable and nuance of water quality and is not meant to be a substitute for actual testing and expert analysis.

For a more detailed analysis please consider having your water tested and/or scheduling a free, in-home water system analysis with one of our water experts at 847-382-7800.

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