Angel Water Inc specializes in fixing all water treatment equipment. For business or commercial applications. If you think you may need service, please contact us at 847-382-7800 or select an option below to get started right now!

Guardian Angel

If you want to ensure that your water treatment equipment is always providing your family with the very best possible water, we suggest selecting a Guardian Angel plan. The Angel Water Guardian Angel Program provides proactive servicing of your water treatment system to ensure that your equipment is always ready for the changing challenges in water quality.

There are Three tiers available in the Guardian Angel program. Each service level includes professional cleaning and service of your water softener, water filter, chlorination system or reverse osmosis system as well as additional water testing to ensure your water is pure.

Features Basic Preferred Platinum
50 point inspection check-mark check-mark check-mark
Water Testing Bi-Annual Quarterly Bi-monthly
Parts Pricing 10% Discount 15% Discount Free Parts
Salt & Chlorine Pricing* $12.74/50 lb. bag
$9.66/50 lb. bag
Up to 800 lbs of salt and
8 gallons of chlorine per year
Upgrades and Replacement Equipment 10% Discount 15% Discount 20% Discount
Pricing $40/month $60/month $100/month

Regular Annual Service

All water filtration and softening equipment should be serviced at least once per year to replace worn parts and ensure the proper operation of your water system. Included in your annual service is our 50 point inspection, equipment cleaning, water testing and filter changes on your water treatment equipment.

Service Call

Are you experiencing problem water? Hard water? Water with a funny smell? Does your water look strange or taste bad? Schedule a service call and Angel Water Inc will send a highly trained water technician to your house to solve the problem!