Did you know that Illinois state law requires all food service establishments to serve filtered water? That’s just one of many water related regulations that your business might bump up against.

The Clean Drinking Water Act coupled with The Clean Water Act and numerous other Federal, State and Local regulations can make running your business more like running through a minefield. Many of the businesses we come across are in dangerous grey areas and they don’t even know it. Perhaps your business will never get tripped up, but is it really worth the risk?

At Angel Water Inc. we make it our business to stay ahead of changing water legislation to ensure that our commercial clients are always up to date. Let Angel Water help you ensure that your business meets and exceeds EPA standards for healthy water at your establishment.

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Save Your Money!

Is your business pouring money down the drain on bottled water?  Make the smart move and switch to an Angel Water custom water filtration system for your business. With proper maintenance a water purification system for your building can save you money and add value to your business. Our clients who make the switch often see savings over bottled water within the first year!

Go With The Pros.

The Angel Water CrewTo ensure that your business gets the quality of service and personal attention that it deserves, Angel Water follows a strict procedure that begins with testing your water in an accredited Laboratory. We will provide you with the results and offer a detailed analysis so that you understand exactly what your water requires and why.

Taking into consideration your average water consumption and potential for growth as well as the local water quality and specific area contaminants, Angel’s highly trained water specialists and certified plumbers will carefully craft a custom solution that is the perfect fit for your enterprise.

We will provide your business with a zero-hassle installation and worry free regular maintenance of your water treatment equipment so that you can focus on what you do best.

Angel Water has the technical expertise, the qualified manpower and the proven track record to deliver quality water systems for organizations of any size!

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