Unparalleled Knowledge and Professionalism.

At Angel Water our philosophy is simple. Education, Education, Education.

For over 40 years, our experienced boutique staff of over 40 people, have been purifying water in the Chicagoland area. This time has provided us with in-depth knowledge about the quality of water and the proper methods to safely purify water.

Angel Water is uniquely positioned to properly handle the ever changing water conditions in Chicagoland because we’ve been around long enough to develop a deep understanding of the local water table, it’s sources and the sources of contamination like no one else.

Our overall goal is to provide you with the best water possible and we use a three step method to achieve this goal for you.

  1. We educate consumers about the importance of testing the quality of their water in order to ensure that our local families are empowered to protect their families no matter how local water quality might change.
  2. We will consult with you and answer all of your questions to ensure that you understand the results of your water tests and the implications any specific contaminants may hold for your health and property.
  3. We work with you to implement the right home water filtration system in order to purify your water. We strive to find the perfect solution based on your water tests and individual needs.


Over 40 years of experience

SpecialistAs a member of The Water Quality Association of America, we continually educate our employees, test innovative new products and provide standards of service to our customers that will keep them our customers for life.

In an era of misinformation provided via the internet, our intent is to disseminate the good information from the bad for our customers and their families. “Safer, Softer, Water for Life” is more than our slogan, it is our mission.

To accomplish our mission, we study and share information provided by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Center for Disease Control and the Water Quality Association of America. Angel Water, Inc. specializes in Well Water Problems. Well owners are responsible for their own water according to the Government. As a result, well owners must first learn about what is in their water and then learn about the true principles available to resolve such issues and/or prevent future well water contamination. Referral:

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Angel Water Inc. is located at 214 S Hager Ave, Barrington, IL 60010.

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